Volunteer abroad – How it works

Volunteering Process

1. Browse Projects and NGO’s

2. Join give & grow Community

3. Apply for your Volunteering

4. Start your Journey

〉Volunteering Process〈

What’s included?


Individual Consulting

Once you apply for a volunteering project you get individual consulting from us. We check if you fit to the project and the skills needed.

Longterm Benefit

No hidden costs. Pay once and get all the benefits. You can apply for several projects within your membership.

Community Space - COMING SOON

You are an open-minded change-maker, keen to meet more of your kind? Stay tuned for our community space.

Free Support

Whenever you have a question before or while you are traveling – you can contact us and we will help you. We got your back!

Personally approved Local Projects

We visited every organisation by ourselves and therefore you can be sure they finished the selection process. Plus, you can get in touch with them yourself.


Online Course

Get access to all our knowledge around sustainable travel and ethical volunteering. You want to learn and do it the right way? Join us!

Any questions?

Why should I volunteer through give & grow (instead of contacting the organization directly)?

You won’t find most of our projects online. This is why they are here. Some do have their own website, but with us you have: Direct contact, individual consulting, travel guides, free support and more.

Who is give & grow?

give & grow is a social start-up from Cologne. Kathrin founded the project after coming back from her world trip. Read the full story here.

How do you finance the platform?

We dedicate 100% of our time to support you in supporting others. This is why we take the membership fee to cover our own costs.

The NGO’s don’t pay anything to appear on the website. Our main goal is to give them a voice, without asking for money.

Why should I support small NGO's?

For the same reason you should support small businesses: the money goes straight to the cause and stays with the local community.

Many big organizations have huge overhead costs (staff, marketing, offices …). Local grassroots organization take the money right to the cause without loosing it on the way.

How do you select NGO's for the platform and how do you evaluate if they are doing good work?

Amazing question! We have a evaluation process and we also visit the projects ourselves. We feel like even tough modern opportunities like internet calls and reports are nice, nothing beats the personal contact and experience on site.

Check our our selection and evaluation process here.

Current situation

Even though traveling is not possible at the moment, we are working on everything that will prepare you for the time once it is possible again. Online course, workshops, membership area, blog articles and more.

Check out the videos

In the meantime, our projects are struggling with the consequences of the lockdown like rising food prices and more. Right now, they need our support more than ever. Check out the video messages on the project pages.

Donation Process

1. Browse Projects and NGO’s

2. Donate to your favorite

3. 100% stays with the NGO
*minus banking fees


Kathrin David
Founder, Dreamer, Endless Optimist
Went from a corporate job to start a social start-up when returning from travels.

Who is give & grow?


give & grow is an online platform for transparent and responsible  volunteering abroad.

Our mission is to give a voice to local organizations that are changing the world right where they are. We strive for a world where we connect, learn and work together on eye level to solve global problems.

Together with you we #reshapevolunteering

You are a nonprofit organization?

You are a local organization striving for change in your community and you would like to get specific help with your project? 

Please check our values and the volunteer selection process and see if you fit to us.

For more information and questions

Please be aware that we only accept organization we visited ourselves or someone we trust did.

Therefore: Feel free to contact us but your listing can only be accepted after a detailed examination.


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