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You want to learn how to volunteer?

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What are the topics?

  • intercultural communication and education
  • history of volunteering, colonialism, prejudice and racism
  • self-reflexion and changing perspective
  • sustainable travel and volunteering abroad
  • learn to volunteer and help responsibly
  • tips and insights to choosing an organization
  • social media usage and responsibility
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Who is this for?

Schools, universities, organizations

… and anyone who wants to be part of reshaping volunteering

Companies and corporations

… interested in social responsibility and open to learn how they can have a sustainable and responsible impact.

Kathrin David
Founder, Dreamer, Endless Optimist
Went from a corporate job to start a social start-up when returning from travels.

Who is give & grow?


give & grow is an educational online platform for responsible volunteering, sustainable travel and positive progress.

Our mission is to give a voice to local organizations that are changing the world right where they are. We strive for a world where we connect, learn and work together on eye level to solve global problems.

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Together with you we #reshapevolunteering

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