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We help you find the perfect volunteer project. Travel to our own organizations or use our knowledge to find the perfect fit yourself. 


Support small projects with a big impact. Donate directly to grassroots organizations and see the impact right away.


Learn about responsible volunteering and sustainable travel in our workshops and events. Join us live or stay tuned for online resources.

You are unsure how to help effectively?

Volunteering enables you to dive deep into new cultures and give a meaning to your travels.

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Online and offline – learn how to travel sustainable, help responsibly and change the world. We share tips and personal insights how to initiate change.


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Get in touch with our organizsations who are actually changing something. Be inspired and join.



Gain clarity about your goals and opportunities.  Either for your next (volunteering) trip or the change afterwards.


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Find Your Perfect Volunteer Project


Visit African wildcats the ethical way and support a rehabilitation and awareness centre on the Garden Route in South Africa.

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Maio FMB

Empowering the local community to protect the unique fauna and flora of the island of Maio, Cape Verde. Connecting people and conservation.

Reinhard Foundation

Empowering elderly people, the youth and orphans through skills development. Support them to be self-sustainable.


Planting trees on Borneo or protecting wildlife on Bali and Nusa Penida – FNPF links environmental work with local communities.


We create local change by bringing people together at eye level.


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We are more together. Join our community to share your passion with others and enhance transparency. 


The big ones are loud enough. Let’s support the local organizations directly.


Learn how to help the right way.

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It’s more than giving. It’s about giving to those who make a difference locally


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What kind of volunteer project do you want to support?

Animal Welfare

Help with animals


Protect local communities and nature

marine conservation

Help life in and around the ocean

Social justice

Help to protect people and nature


Help and learn on farms

“The experience we had with Florence and Gabriel was unique and changed our attitude in so many areas. The idea behind the project is so extensive and diverse that we first needed a few days to understand everything, but then it was much easier to help with full commitment. (…)”

Doris & Mario

Overflow Spring of Hope

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