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Thoughts, feedback or questions? We are keen to hear, what you’d like to tell us. Feel free to use the contact from, for private aswells as offical requests.

Below you can find our FAQ regarding  give & grow
and sustinable travel.


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How does give & grow work?

Super easy: You can find here anything you need to change the world. This could be volunteering, in your daily live or on travels. Check out our workshops, online courses or simple contact us regarding your questions. Besides that, you can also check out our Podcast and Blog for more information.

In case you want to see some of our best-practice partner NGO’s head to “Our Partner Projectss”. You can support them with a direct donation or contact them through us. Plan your volunteering now for later!

Who is give & grow?

give & grow is a social and non-profit start-up in Cologne. Kathrin founded the project together with her partner after returning from travels. Read the full story here.

How can I book you for a workshop or a consultation with you?

You can contact us directly in case you want to plan a workshop or talk with us. Please click here to get to the contact form. Tell us what you need and we come back to you with more information.

What does NGO mean?

NGO is a short form for non-governmental organizations. This includes different kinds of aid organizations that are independent from governments.

You most probably know huge organizations that are working in the non-profit sector. We are ourselves a non-profit company registered under the German law.

Can I get a tax certification for my donation?

In case you would like to donate to our partner projects, this is unfortunately not possible. The organization itself has to be certified. But, in Germany you don’t need a proof for your taxes in case your donation is below 100 Euro.

Once you donate to give & grow directly to support our cause, we can send you an official document for your taxes. Send us an E-mail to: info@giveandgrow.world

How does in work when I want to contact your partner projects?

We do know our partner projects very well as we visited them ourselves. In case you would liek to visit them yourselves you can send us an E-mail below. We will check with our contact and give you the direct address.

Please click here to get to the contact form.


How do you finance the platform?

At the moment we are part of an official sponsorship from the federal government. Our goal is to be financially sustainable with workshops, online-courses and consultation of travelers, as well as institutions.

Every Euro we earn will go back into give & grow, as we are a non-profit-company.

How much of my donation is actually ending up with the organization?

100% ! The money goes straight to the NGO through PayPal and doesn’t even touch our bank account. PayPal itself takes a commission of 2,2%.

This accounts as well for every donation made towards give & grow.

Why should I support small NGO's?

For the same reason you should support small businesses: the money goes straight to the cause and stays with the local community.

Many big organizations have huge overhead costs (staff, marketing, offices …). Local grassroots organization take the money right to the cause without loosing it on the way.


How can I contact volunteer organizations?

At the moment you can contact us to get in touch with the organization afterwards. For us, it is important to have a personal contact with you first.

Especially in this situation we know that we can actually help you find the perfect match and stay safe.

Why don’t you offer an extensive travel consultation and matching of volunteer organizations?

Our goal is to transform the tourism and volunteering industry. We believe that we can do this best by informing possible clients and staying independent ourselves.

Nevertheless we have a few organizations listed on your website. We see them as best-practice examples for local change. In the long run, we want to contact both sides: the volunteers and the NGOs on our platform.

How can I prepare for my trip?

Really good questions because a volunteering trip is something that actally needs some planning in advance. We help you with that.

We are currently working on an online course and you can contact us now already for consulting.

And on top of that: the whole give & grow community can help you as well!

Click here to join the facebook group


How can I be a part of give & grow?

Really cool that you like our concept. You can use any contact form or mail adress to get in touch with us.

Please be aware that we only accept organization we visited ourselves or someone we trust did.

Therefore: Feel free to contact us but your listing can only be accepted after a detailed examination.

Do I have to pay for the listing on your platform?

No, absolutely not.

We believe that you have an important message more people need to hear about.

Therefore we want to help you and at the same time it is important to us that you keep the ressources with the project itself.



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