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Make your next trip sustainable

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Travel of Tomorrow



give & grow is an online learning platform where you can find knowledge, tools and solutions for sustainable travel, responsible volunteering and intercultural communication.
We do Travel Education!

For travelers, companies and in educational projects.

We strive for a world, where we connect, learn and work together – exploring equality and solving  global problems.

What our Travelers say

I’m very impressed! I participated in many online courses but just a few of them were as professional like yours. The videos, graphics, colours and how you speak – really amazing!


It really felt like you could relate to me during this course. The course is super professional, comprehensive and you mange to bring  across all the information in a very honest way. I’m now equipped with new food-for-thought, solutions and tools. Big compliment to both of you and thanks so much!



give & grow was born on travels, led by the the idea to create a platform, where travellers and change-makers can inspire each other, learn together and create a better tomorrow.

A place – we as travellers by heart – would have wished for.

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give & grow is non-profit. Social impact and sustainable change represent the centrepiece of our work.