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Travel meets Impact – Learn more about Sustainable Travel & Responsible Volunteering.

Travel of Tomorrow


We strive for a world, where we connect, learn and work together – exploring equality and solving  global problems.


give & grow is an online course platform, where experienced travellers and experts share their knowledge around sustainable travel, responsible volunteering and intercultural communication. 

Our Change-maker

I’m very impressed! I participated in many online courses but just a few of them were as professional like yours. The videos, graphics, colours and how you speak – really amazing!


It really felt like you could relate to me during this course. The course is super professional, comprehensive and you mange to bring  across all the information in a very honest way. I’m now equipped with new food-for-thought, solutions and tools. Big compliment to both of you and thanks so much!



give & grow was born on travels, led by the the idea to create a platform, where travellers and change-makers can inspire each other, learn together and create a better tomorrow.

A place – we as travellers by heart – would have wished for.

Learn more about our story

give & grow is non-profit. Social impact and sustainable change represent the centrepiece of our work. 



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