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Sustainable travel, responsible volunteering and positive progress

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Sustainable Travel

Get inspired to travel greener. Courses, workshops and a lot of knowledge for your next journey.

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Responsible Volunteering

What it really means to help responsibly and where to find the right projects. Check out our projects or learn how to find your own.

Positive Progress

You are back from your travels, learned a lot and feel like: I want to give back. We show you all the options.

We strive for a world where we connect, learn and work together on eye level to solve global problems.

You can find


Online and offline – learn how to travel sustainable, help responsibly and change the world. We share tips and personal insights how to initiate change.

Best Practice examples

Get in touch with our organizsations who are actually changing something. Be inspired and join.



Gain clarity about your goals and opportunities.  Either for your next (volunteering) trip or the change afterwards.


You are not the only one. Join our community of change-makers. We change the world together. Join our facebook group already today.



give directly & learn to grow


How exactly?


Workshops, online courses, consulting – our goal is to see responsible volunteering and sustainable travel as the new normal. 


Be believe in local change. Let’s support the local organizations directly. 


We bring different players and people together to make sustainable chnage possible.

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“Those who want to learn about responsible volunteering and are looking for a friendly and experienced contact person, are just right with Kathrin, the founder of give & grow. She offers a great Coaching to answer individual questions. She can find projects for you, contact them and at the same time show you all the different options. Those who want to travel sustainably, immerse in cultures and give back locally are in the right place and should contact give & grow.”


1:1 Consulting with Kathrin

“The experience we had with Florence and Gabriel was unique and changed our attitude in so many areas. The idea behind the project is so extensive and diverse that we first needed a few days to understand everything, but then it was much easier to help with full commitment. The project is run by a Kenyan family who have not always had an easy life and yet do everything they can to help others. In the four weeks we were allowed to spend on the beautiful island, we fell in love with the whole family and everyone involved in the project. Life on Mfangano is very simple and without any luxury and seeing that has ultimately brought us further in our life

Doris & Mario

Overflow Spring of Hope


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