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Changing the meaning of the word “travel” using independent Travel Education – this is what we do.

A vision of a more understanding world, where cultures meet as equals, free of prejudice and full of curiosity and openness. Where tourism, as a sustainable and equitable global system, takes into account all voices and perspectives.

For greater global understanding and dialogue.
Together, as humanity – with you.

Travel of Tomorrow


give & grow enables people to engage in an immersive cultural travel experience through modern online education and personal exchange.

We strive to reshape the industry of travel, tourism and volunteering to a responsible system – focusing on genuine connections and longterm experiences, rather than capital and short term entertainment.

We raise awareness among travellers, work with the travel industry and carry out educational projects.


Economic stability and social impact are not an ambiguity
– quite the opposite.

give & grow is currently funded by volunteer work and government funding. Income generated by our online course platform will be 100% reinvested in our cause and educational projects.

We started in 2021 and will share our report respectively soon. Our statute.








Wojtek Plichta


Kathrin David

Founder and CEO

Janine Kohls

Social Media

Alice Goßrau

Blog & Texterin

Leonie Keiper


You want to join the team and support the mission?

We are happy to hear from interested persons of different backgrounds, regardless of their gender identity, religion, ethnicity, origion, sexual orientation, migration history, age or disability.

We are keen to hear from you!


When Kathrin set off on her journey at the beginning of 2018,
with the aim of learning from the world.

Her idea was to report on sustainable and local projects in the countries she visited. Kathrin wanted to make sustainable solutions visible and louder than all the problems that are already loud in everyday life.

After a short time, she started asking questions:

Why is so much going wrong in the travel and volunteering industry?
Why do I only realise so many of my own mistakes in hindsight?

With give & grow, we want to answer these questions, because Kathrin’s journey has taught her one thing above all else:

We can all learn from each other if we open ourselves up to new perspectives and meet other people at eye level. Because travelling means learning – about yourself and about the world.

Support – How can I help?

How can I help? As a nonprofit organization we rely on donations to achieve our goals. We are very happy that you would like to support our work. We actively change something by:

  • advocating for change in the volunteering industry on government and industry level.
  • raising awareness with prevention work (for example with planned workshops in schools).
  • form a network, join events and organize them as well.


Our supporters

It is only thanks to our network and the support of our funding partners that we are able to offer our educational work. They are part of give & grow’s vision for fair, sustainable and responsible tourism that enables and promotes a diversity of perspectives.