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Selection Process for Volunteer Organizations

Volunteer with organizations we visited ourselves.

This is how we select and examinate every volunteering organization that is a part of give & grow.

Check out our seven criteria selection process below.

Infographic Vetor designed by freepik – de.freepik.com

How are we getting the data?

Personal Contact

Kathrin visited the projects herself on her journey. She established the volunteer projects selection process.

Some NGO’s were added afterwards. In this case someone else visited them, following the criteria. On top of that: Every volunteer organization is sending us a questionnaire and we do our own research.


Every NGO is sending us their rough financial budgeting. This way we can have a look and check if the numbers make sense.

Current situation

Even though traveling is not possible at the moment, we are working on everything that will prepare you for the time once it is possible again. Online course, workshops, membership area, blog articles and more.

Check out the videos

In the meantime, our projects are struggling with the consequences of the lockdown like rising food prices and more. Right now, they need our support more than ever. Check out the video messages on the project pages.

Together with you we #reshapevolunteering

You are a nonprofit organization?

You are a local organization striving for change in your community and you would like to get specific help with your project? 

Please check our values and the volunteer selection process and see if you fit to us.

For more information and questions

Please be aware that we only accept organization we visited ourselves or someone we trust did.

Therefore: Feel free to contact us but your listing can only be accepted after a detailed examination.


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