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Sustainable travel is a complex subject.

It is increasingly important not only to have the right buzzwords on your website, but also to involve customers, employees and travellers in its implementation. We offer workshops and training materials


We use various online formats to educate around sustainable travel and responsible volunteering.

No matter if it’s for companies and employees, educational projects or seminars for young travelers who want to volunteer abroad.

For individual requests, please contact us.


Sustainable & Conscious Travel

Travel Preparation & Coming Back

Intercultural Communication

Volunteering Courses

Ethical Storytelling

Global Learning



Would you like to provide well-designed training or preparatory seminars for young volunteers, but lack the resources or skills?

Travel Industry

You are aware of your responsibility as a travel service provider and want to prepare your customers for their trip in the best possible way.

Start-ups and Companies

You want to raise awareness of sustainable travel among your employees. After all, it’s not just your customers who expect you to take personal responsibility for sustainability.


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Sustainable Travel in Education

The social dimension of sustainability and people’s own attitudes and mindsets when travelling are rarely addressed. We are changing that with two educational videos and a workbook to accompany our concept: Mental Backpack.

Workshops in schools – Cologne

Funded and supported by the municipality of Cologne we organize workshops in schools on the topic: “Responsible and sustainable travel after school”.

The program SmartCity Cologne has the aim to sensitize and inspire young people to make responsible decisions for themselves and others while traveling. We also offer our digital-learning-platform to create a fun experience.

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Umbrella Organization Nepal group picture youth training

Responsible Volunteering in  Nepal

Funded by the Synergy Program of ifa (Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations), give & grow worked together with Umbrealla Organization Nepal.

The goal was to use both perspectives of Nepal and Germany to tackle the problems of volunteering with children in Nepal and share learning around this topic. One part of the project was to conduct workshops in Nepal with “Childcare Homes” an the topics of mindset, responsible Volunteering and child protection. The PDF learning document is the result of a collaboration sharing the most important tips on the topic.

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Everything you need to know on Volunteering in Nepal

Download the docoment on sustainable travel and responsible volunteering for free.


Rainbow Garden Village (RGV) offers responsible Volunteering and therefore aims to prepare future volunteers in the best way possible for their upcoming journey.

give & grow supports with the concept and implementation of the preparation seminar and offers important impulses around sustainable volunteering.

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Kathrin David Portrait Sonnenlicht Feld Köln

Kathrin David
Founder and CEO
of give & grow


give & grow is an educational online platform revolving around sustainable travel and intercultural communication. We advocate for the change of the volunteering, tourism and travel industry. Our work is non-profit and every income we generate is used in our educational projects.

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