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Friends of the National Parks Foundation

Visit Friends of the National Parks Foundation on Borneo


To protect wildlife and empower local communites at the same time


Bayu Wirayudha



Borneo, Indonesia

Southeast Asia


Conserve Indonesian wildlife and at the same time help the local people to find alternative income source so that human and wildlife can live side by side.

Our Impact

We are doing wildlife conservation with a holistic approach. This means we integrate wildlife conservation with habitat conservation and various community development program to achieve our goal.


* for FNPF as a whole
see FNPF Bali / Nusa Penida as well

Our story

Founded in 1997 by Bayu Wirayudha, a grass roots front-line, conservation organisation. Our founders and key staff members are Indonesian, primarily veterinarians and qualified environmental scientists. Coming from the region, we understand the local culture, situation and challenges.

We started our organization when we were running the orangutan rehab and rescue center for the Indonesian Government in Tanjung Puting National Park, in Kalimantan on the island of Borneo (see other project here).

Thinking back, we didn’t imagine that we would still be running the organization 14 years later, even with multiple projects, some of which are outside of national parks. So for this reason, and because it more appropriately describes our holistic approach of combining wildlife, habitat and community programs we are also known as “Friends of Nature and its People Foundation“.


  • Reforesting more than 600 ha land by planting more than 1.200.000 trees
  • Opening two community support wildlife sanctuaries (225 km²) which make the best home for wildlife aside from the national park.
  • Running conservation education in more than 20 schools
  • organizing monthly beach clean-ups
In numbers

Successfully rehabilitated and released:

  • 20 orangutans
  • more than 200 birds with various different species
  • 30 snakes and more
  • more than 50 porcupines
  • 5 pangolins


Donate directly to the
Friends of the National Parks Foundation


Help with your own skills and grow


Money, we receive is used for
  • The biggest need for fund at the moment is to build our financial security for our organization. At the same time we want to establish a demonstration plot for sustainable living to show the local people. Mostly, the money is needed to build a permaculture demonstration plot (arboretum), access to our field learning center etc.
Our current project
  • Building access to our field learning center in central Borneo where local people and other can learn about reforestation, permaculture, ecotourism, livestock etc.  It will cost about IDR 200 million or USD 14.600. Our learning center is about 100 ha, that still have about 30% well forested, the rest we almost finish planning. All in all, we plot 10 ha for arboretum, 30 ha for permaculture and ecotourism, the rest is for the forest. Besides human applications, we also focus on planting more food for wildlife on the degraded land. The volunteer tourism on this site can host up to 30 people at the same time and so far, can contribute about IDR 60 – 100 million annually which is about 20 – 30 % of our admin cost annually at that area.

Corona Update


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Volunteer with FNPF on Borneo

*information provided by FNPF; not a volunteer offer by give & grow

What we need

Our operation is spread quite wide, but we have a very slim admin team who are also doing field work. Depending on where the candidate wants to help we need various backgrounds:

  • Tanjung Puting National Park Central Borneo: We need someone who can train our local staff, improve our staff capacity to run volunteer tourism, PR and Marketing related work, and we always need as many people as possible, who are willing to help us to plant trees.


How this will help

Planting trees: We want to plant as many trees as possible with or without support from donors, especially in Borneo. Our staff knows very well how to produce saplings as well as to plant trees. A lot of times when we do not get grants from donors specifically for reforestation, extra manpower is our biggest need.


To have a good volunteer experience with Friends of the National Parks (FNPF) on Borneo you are asked to stay at least:

  • PR and Marketing at least 3 months
  • Reforestation minimum 1 week

Required skills from the volunteer

  • Our staff only can speak one foreign language which is English

  • Other skills please see above (what we need)

When do you take volunteers?

You can volunteer with Friends of the National Parks all year round.

How much does it cost?

To volunteer on Borneo: from 300 $ per week (private), 425 $ for two in twin room, dormitory 175 $ (more weeks = cheaper per week)

What is included?
  • Pick up from the airport return, bed, full board meals
  • Note: On each site we have a kitchen where you can cook your own meals
Do you have accommodation for the volunteers?

Yes we have accommodation. Private rooms, twin rooms and dorm is available.

Kathrin David Portrait Sonnenlicht Feld Köln

Who visited the project personally?

Kathrin, the founder of give & grow visited the project in August 2019 on Bali personally and talked to the founder. She had a long conversation, which you can also listen to in the podcast below. The evaluation took place afterwards.

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