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Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project

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To restore the biodiversity of the Cat Ba Archipelago with a focus on the Cat Ba Langur

Project Leader

Neahga Leonard


Animal Welfare

Cat Ba, Vietnam

Southeast Asia


Biodiversity conservation of the Cat Ba Archipelago and the restoration of the Cat Ba Langur population to long-term sustainable levels together with the local community.

Our Impact

We protect the diverse biodiversity of Cat Ba using diverse measures like field-work, anti-poaching teams, education programs and support for the National Parks and the government.


Our story

Following a period of hunting for traditional medicine and tourism, the Cat Ba Langur went down to a population of 40 individuals. Together with local anti-poaching units the population grew back to 70 and is still recovering (currently fell again to 66-68 due to few births and infanticide).

What we do

We work on general biodiversity conservation of the Cat Ba Archipelago in northeast Vietnam, with a particular focus on the Critically Endangered Cat Ba Langur (Trachypithecus poliocephalus). This endemic limestone specialist primate is only found on Cat Ba Island and the second most endangered primate in the world.

To this end we conduct field-work, support the conservation activities of Cat Ba National Park and established village-level citizen based anti-poaching teams. Furthermore we also provide ecological literacy education programs for children in all the local schools and provide migratory bird protection support for the Forest Protection Department.

Using our voice to advise Vietnamese government officials on topics relating to conservation, sustainability and environmental management is also something that is important for our work.

  • 170% increase in Cat Ba Langur population from its lowest point
  • 20 years of local conservation work and support for Cat Ba National Park
  • 9 years of community based anti-poaching work in three villages
  • Expansion of Cat Ba National Park boundaries and establishment of Special Protection Zones to further protect Cat Ba Langur home ranges
  • Writing and passing into law of the national level Primate Action Plan (in conjunction with a coalition of other NGOs operating in Vietnam)
  • 2 native tree reforestation programs, one 7.5 ha area 7-year project completed, and a community based 10 ha wetland reforestation project recently started
  • 9 years of youth environmental education in local schools (with own printed books)
  • Construction of the Gio Cung ranger station for Cat Ba National Park and support for the construction of two more stations
  • Wildlife rescues and releases of ferret badgers, Asian small-clawed otters, Loggerhead, Green, Hawksbill sea turtles, monitor lizards, civets, leopard cats, mainland serow, various snake species and various bird species.


Donate directly to the Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project


Money, we receive is used for

Funds received are spent locally divided roughly into the following categories:

  • Office/staff
  • Community based anti-poaching
  • Support for Cat Ba National Park
  • Fieldwork
  • Education

    More specifically, funds are used to: cover patrols in the forest and on water, provide training opportunities, purchase and maintain/repair equipment, cover fuel costs and pay for educational materials.

Our current project

Most activities are ongoing and additional funds are always needed for one-off over-and-above expenses, such as equipment, or to expand ongoing projects. Our core costs are well covered by Zoo Leipzig, our primary sponsor, and by additional sponsoring organizations in Germany (ZGAP and the Allwetterzoo Münster). Additional funds in any amount are always greatly appreciated and put to good use to cover expenses that the core budget may not be sufficient to cover and for emergency funds.

* at the moment your donations goes to Zoo Leipzig and they send the total amount to Vietnam Cat Ba. The project will have their own PayPal account soon.

Who visited the project personally?

Kathrin visited the project in March 2019. Back then she had the chance to speak to the project leader Neahga Leonard and get to know their work first hand.

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