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GarduAction – Garbage Care and Education

Volunteer with GarduAction Indonesia


To become an inspirational center for environmental awareness and end plastic pollution in the Yogyakarta area.


Budi Anto



Parangkusumo Beach, Indonesia

Southeast Asia


We spread awareness for environmental sustainability by establishing an integrated waste management and educating children around plastic waste.

Our Impact

We organize a landfill in Parangkusumo beach and help the region with education, upcycling and art programs and events around plastic waste spread awareness.


What we do

We organize a landfill in Parangkusumo beach and help the region with the following programs:

  • Managing a waste bank, a place where we receive and organize the cleaned waste from our customers. Everybody that brings in their cleaned waste gets money from us. Afterwards we organize the waste and sell it to recycling companies
  • Upcycling and Art: We display creative products and art work with our non-organic waste and sell them
  • Education: We enable everyone in our community to improve their awareness and knowledge about environment conservation and waste management
  • We hold events to spread environmental education, especially among children.
  • During 2015 we started the waste bank and since then processed seven tons of waste each day

  • We initiated and held an event for the world clean-up day 2018 in the whole Yogyakarta region and continue to hold events each Sunday for children in the region

  • Thanks to a collaboration with Arka Bhumi we planted 1000 trees along the beach and sand dunes in the Parangtritis and Parangkusumo area

  • Highly involved in the national Recycle Fashion Carnival event


Donate directly to GarduAction Indonesia


Help with your own skills and grow


Money, we receive is used for

There are many agendas in 2020, each division will conduct a program.

  1. Education Division: We will continue education programs for children and the public as last year. On top we will do national and international level campaigns.
  2. Garbage Bank Division: We will continue the collection of viable rubbish waste in the south Yogyakarta coastal area and recycle it.
  3. Tourism Division: Our plan is to add buildings such as public facilities, including two accommodation options (glamour camping).
Our current project

The biggest project is the construction of the accommodation options for tourists, as well as a hall for our events and teachings. At the moment we do everything outdoors and this is difficult in the raining season.

Corona Update


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Volunteer with GarduAction Indonesia

*remote help needed

What we need

Attention: Special situation. There is no opportunity for volunteers to stay on site. But GarduAction needs specific online support.

  1. Website support – you can built a website or help with Marketing
  2. Autocad expert – to develop their ideas further they need an autocad software expert.

How this will help

  • With an own website, we can reach more people, spread awareness and bring people together to end plastic waste.

  • Especially the Autocad expert can help us visualize our ideas for new waste processing machines. This is necessary so that Budi Anto, the founder, can propose the drawing of the machine design to the government or other organizations.


  • How long does the project take? This depends on your time and energy. Any help is needed and we appreciate your input.

Required skills from the volunteer

  • IT, Website Support

  • Autocad skills

When do you need remote volunteers?

All year round, we would like to start as soon as possible.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! This work would be a social exchange in the online world. The good thing is, you would benefit with a new customer or project and on top you can help with your skills and have a huge impact.

How can I communicate with GarduAction?

The communication would take place online. Budi Anto, the manager speaks English and can’t wait to share his ideas with you.

Kathrin David Portrait Sonnenlicht Feld Köln

Who visited the project personal

Kathrin visited the project in July 2019. She talked to Budi Anto about the project and had the chance to see a workshop with children on plastic waste. The project is a community effort and has an ambitious vision for the region.

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