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Reinhard Foundation

Volunteer with Reinhard Foundation


To empower youth, orphans and needy elderly in Jinja, Uganda


Charles Kamya


Social Justice

Njeru-Jinja, Uganda



To promote human security in terms of skills, education, health, food, rights and the environment conservation through quality services to the people in line with the local principles.

Our Impact

We ensure sustainable social and economic development through active satisfaction of all youths, orphans and elderly in skills development for self-sustainability and empowerment.


Our story

Charles founded the project after going through a tough life-time after losing his parents. We came up with thoughts of helping other fellows that undergo a similar situation. Providing orphans and others at least with necessities to improve their way of living.

What we do

We ensure sufficient social and economic development through active satisfaction of all youths, orphans and elderly in skills development for self-sustainability.


  • Becoming the greatest inspiration center for charity and skills.
  • To empower the youth, orphans and needy elderly in Jinja central division.
  • We provided first aid services to the needy elderly and orphans in Njeru Municipality (15 and 25 respectively).
  • We gave food to 15 elderly and 25 orphaned children in Jinja and Njeru municipality.
Skill Training
  • We have so far managed to skill 100 youths with knowledge on how to make mosquito repellent candles, liquid and bar soap, paper bags and art or craft.
  • We are able to give computer skills to youths more so orphans because we realized that almost everything rotates on digitalization.


Donate directly to Reinhard Foundation


Help with your own skills and grow


Money, we receive is used for
  • Buy scholastic materials and pay the school fees for orphaned children. Basic needs to both orphans and the elderly.
  • The money also facilitates us to buy materials used to teach our target group practical skills. For example candles, bar and liquid soap, paper bags, and art craft. (Plus more materials to reach even more people and teach different skills)
  • We still aim at providing enough medical facilitation to our target group to reduce the death rates and emergencies.
Our current project
  • We aim to build at least small strong housing structures for the needy elderly who live in grass thatched, mud houses that are affected by heavy rains and winds. This is because we have witnessed many of them homeless and sometimes die because these houses fall on them.
  • We want to buy three acres of land where we can grow food for the needy elderly and orphans instead of buying from shops.

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Volunteer with Reinhard Foundation

What we need

  • Support with farming: This involves clearing land, planting, weeding and harvesting of agricultural produce.
  • Updating and upgrading our website. This can mean posting updated information about the activities ongoing.
  • Participating in outreaches and seminars, on behavioral change with the youths and orphans, post colonial meetings, charity visits.

How this will help

  • We can gain more agricultural products that will be distributed to more people in need. This way we reduce hunger and the costs to buy food.
  • We can reach more people in our target group and possible funders once we keep updating the website and other media platforms.
  • Once volunteers also engage in the participation of attending outreaches, seminars, and charity visits, it will add on the work force. We can create a more positive impact.


  • Minimum four weeks
  • A perfect volunteer would spend 3 months of voluntary service at the Reinhard Foundation. We thought that by the end, he or she would have learnt, interacted, shared ideas as well as writing a report on how the term of service went.

Required skills from the volunteer

  • Knowledge in gardening
  • Ability to help the needy
  • Ability to understand and learn from different cultures
  • Preferably English speaker
When do you take volunteers?

All year round, being a long-term project.

How much does it cost?

150 Euro per month

What is included?

Accommodation, water and electricity bills

Do you have accommodation for the volunteers?

Yes, it’s included in the price. See the pictures at the top of the page.

Who visited the project personally?

Charles is involved in the project Global Match together with a big team. Together they work on opportunities of the Global South and Global North by connecting youth from both parts of the world. While Reinhard Foundation is his own project, team members of Global Match constantly learn from each other.

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